Podcast episodes for “Supercharged! with Jordan Samuel Fleming”

Episode 8 – Backups, Powertools and Dynamic Forms…oh my!

Today's Guest Willem Dewulf CEO, Momentum Tools Episode Summary In today's episode we talk with Willem Dewulf, CEO of Momentum Tools. Momentum tools have built a solid reputation as a leader in the Podio add-on marketplace withe their three main tools: Backup & Restore - a comprehensive and [...]

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Episode 7 – Building a “Game-Changer” for your Property Management Company

Today's Guest Louise Hiza GC Realty Episode Summary In this episode we talk to Louis Hiza from GC Realty. In this terrific conversation Louis talks about GC Realty's journey into using Podio and how they had a "lightbulb" moment which led to them building a an absolutely essential [...]

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Supercharged! Episode 6 – WAU Portal, taking your Podio data to the masses!

Today's Guest Øyvind Madshus WAU I/O Episode Summary In this episode we talk to Øyvind from WAU. As Podio Partners they launched the amazing WAU Portal which is now used by hundreds of organisations around the world. We talk a bit about the journey they took getting into Podio [...]

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Episode 5 – Duelling Podcasts!

Today's Guest Gil Roberts Director, BrickBridge Consulting Episode Summary In this episode we speak with Gil, Jarett and Alex from BrickBridge Consulting, a Podio Partner who is also building an exciting new tool for launching solutions using Podio. This is a fascinating discussion about their business, about Podio in [...]

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Episode 4 – Into the future with Pete Cuff from Future Solutions

Today's Guest Pete Cuff CEO, Future Solutions Episode Summary In this episode we talk to Pete Cuff, CEO at Future Solutions. We start out with how Pete transitioned from integrating Podio into one business to being a platform provider to companies around the world. We have a great chat [...]

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Episode 2 – In Munich there are Beers and Podio Experts with Thomas Dirlich

Today's Guest Thomas Dirlich go[ing] mad Digital Architect & Trainer Episode Summary In this episode we talk to Thomas (Tom) Dirlich of Add-Wings and "Going Mad". Tom is an Podio partner based in Munich and he and his team specialise in building system using the whole range of Citrix [...]

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Supercharged! Episode 3 – Diving into Real Estate Acquisitions with REIvolution & Alex Parge

Today's Guest Alexandru Parge CEO, REIvolution Episode Summary In this Episode we talk to Alex Parge, CEO of REIvolution. REIvolution is a comprehensive Real Estate acquisitions and management system that is used by over a hundred real estate investment businesses across the US. We talk to Alex about [...]

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Supercharged! Episode 1 – The man behind the GlobiFlow curtain

Today's Guest Andreas Huttenrauch Globi Web Solutions www.procfu.com www.globimail.com Episode Summary In this episode we talk to Andreas Huttenrauch. If you don't know his name, and you use Podio, you probably know his work. He's done more than any partner out there to turn Podio into the powerhouse it [...]

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Supercharged! Podcast Episode 0 – New Beginnings

Today's Guest Jordan Samuel Fleming CEO, Gamechangers Episode Summary In this episode our host, Jordan Samuel Fleming, introduces us to Supercharged! the brand new podcast focussed on the power of automation and workflow management with Citrix Podio. Jordan introduces the background of the podcast, and explains some of the [...]

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