About Jordan Fleming

Jordan started out life as a degenerate musician and, for his sins, ended up as a respectable businessman. He's still slightly confused, but a far happier man. Jordan brings a creative flair and an uncanny ability to spot new opportunities - which makes him a good candidate to invite out for lunch. As MD of Gamechangers, he leads a team of people developing innovative business systems for ambitious companies.

Gamechangers launches new office in England

(This has just been released. Third-person narrative aside, we're all pretty chuffed!) For Immediate Release Gamechangers are delighted to announce the launch of a second office based in the Home Counties. The company has built up a reputation for success with their no-nonsense approach to business growth, and will use this new office to build [...]

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Why good businesses fail, the preamble – Can’t see the wood for the trees

We’ve been in our new offices  for a week now. It’s a remarkable change of scenery and so far it’s getting full thumbs up from the whole team. There is a lot of space here (both inside and out) and the simple act of looking out the window and gazing at the countryside has an [...]

Blue skies & open fields

Well, the day has come. We've upped sticks and left Leith (our home for the last eight years).From now on, if you want us, we'll be out where the skies are blue and the fields go forever.(well, until they hit the Pentlands) Macey, Jordan's beloved labrador As of 1 February we've moved  our head office [...]

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When do you need to get it right?

One of my pet peeves is when business consultants use ridiculously unsuitable analogies to illustrate their (theoretical) point. We’ve all seen it. We’ve all heard it. Someone will stand up and start to talk to a room full of businesses about branding and use Nike as the example. Or Apple. Or Coca-Cola. Whatever. I’ve always [...]

Sometimes getting the sale is the easy part

If you do what I do, the first conversation you tend to have with people is focussed on sales. That makes sense. Ambitious people build ambitious companies, and ambitious companies want to grow. Even the thickest business owner knows that if they sell more, they get more. It’s a pretty basic concept. They aren’t wrong. [...]

Two new implementations started. What are those, you ask?

We've been a busy old group here at Gamechangers HQ as we've been kicking off two new strategy implementations for some pretty cool clients. What are strategy implementations, you ask? I'll elaborate... The first project we normally work on with our clients is the development of a strategy. This can be a strategy for a [...]

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New Franchise Performance website launched!

We've been working with franchises for over five years now, and have established a real niche with our hands-on performance programmes for franchisees. We've been working hard to develop a wider set of services for franchise networks, and we've officially launched our new website Franchise Performance Team. We have had a nice wee mention on [...]

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